Orange Juice Recipe

Orange Juice Recipe

Our orange juice recipe was developed to get a quick and easy start to my work day. I
sell wholesale telecom services for a living and need to get an energetic start to my days.
Sometimes it is hard to get motivated while selling what most folks would consider totally
boring services like, MPLS Interconnect, Asymmetrical Ethernet and Internet Ethernet.
Most people do not even know what those phrases mean. It is important to get properly
energized with the right juice blend while dealing with such topics on a daily basis.

I use bottled premium juice blends for this recipe. Face it, fresh juicing is hard work.
It takes a lot of time to do the juicing and then clean up after. I have had good results
using juice from Bolthouse and a few other premium juices to make my daily blends.

Orange Based Blend (I call it the T1 Line blend):
We start out with a 16 ounce glass with just a few ice cubes, you can add more later.
Add 4 ounces orange and carrot juice blend, like Bolthouse Tropical Carrot blend,
then add 4 ounces of orange/tangerine juice. Tangerine seems a bit smoother and
less acidic than just orange alone. I fill the rest of the glass with seltzer. Make sure
the seltzer is unflavored with zero calories. After mixing and drinking a little bit, I
add more seltzer and ice.

I did try this blend using fresh oranges and tangerines and did not notice much of a
difference, other than more pulp and a lot more clean-up. Some people will only use
fresh and I applaud them. It takes a commited attitude to use only fresh and I wish
that I had the time to do it that way. Maybe someday when I have sold enough
Dedicated Internet services, I will have the time to juice the proper way.

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